Event Security

We have been designing and implementing security plans and credentialing for some of the most well known celebrity and sporting events across the globe.


Patriot Group has skilled and experienced security agents for special events. We offer armed and unarmed personnel in business or casual attire for: Event Activations, Celebrity Award Shows, Movie Screenings, Dignitary Events, Film Festivals and Global Sporting Events. 


Pre-event planning should begin months before the date of the event, sometimes a year in advance if possible. Often, major national and regional events involve multiple federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Additional key partners include fire, emergency medical services (EMS), transportation, public works, health, and other public agencies and the private sector. 


For all events we disseminate radios on the same frequencies to all personnel involved in security and life safety.  For additional security we can deploy encrypted communications to ensure communications security and mitigate eavesdropping.  We also utilized our own RFID stickers that can be embedded in invitations for use with our ArriveID system and display which guest is arriving and display their photo and name from hundreds of feet away.


Patriot develops plans and manages security for an event’s outer, middle, and inner perimeters. Outer perimeter security is used to discourage uninvited individuals and vehicles from congesting the vicinity of the venue.  The middle ring ensures friendly but strict access control and the inner security rings separates guests according to authorized access level areas such as red carpet, green room and backstage areas. 


This alone can make or break an event in terms of public and guest enjoyment.  Vehicle access and egress must be coordinated with local traffic patterns and city officials.  Motorcade movements and staging must also be taken into consideration.  Patriot deploys experienced security logistic managers to assist and coordinate vehicle traffic movements.


A credential identifies specific individuals who are allowed access to a venue as an invited guest.  Our state-of-the-art badge-making equipment and software allows the use of RFID technology, holograms, and bar codes making them difficult to counterfeit.