Family Office Support

Patriot’s discreet and white glove business model dovetails perfectly in supporting family offices and private estates. 


For over a decade, Patriot has helped family offices mitigate risk and reduce the likelihood of unwanted events by providing a full spectrum of services.

Low Profile Security Drivers and Protective Agents

  • Our company has a network of employees and trusted service providers throughout the world in 52 cities
  • Experience providing protective services to C- Suite technology executives, Forbes 100 individuals and their families
  • Flat 12-hour day rates reduce costs while providing cost effective services
  • Vehicles equipped with AED, trauma pack, GPS tracking and phone chargers

Intelligence and Travel Reports

  • Intelligence services in direct support of travel throughout the globe
  • Persons of Interest (POI) programs are an integral part of our discreet client protection model
  • Activities designed to prevent intelligence gatherings by opposing entity. 
  • Monthly Open Source Digests tailored for your needs

Background Screening

  • Encrypted app specifically for estate staff, yacht crew and other support staff
  • 4 different levels to choose from depending on level of trust and access

Private Aviation and Maritime Logistics Consulting

  • Learn how the proper use of private aviation can assist with traditional complicated movements
  • Personalized service that goes above and beyond normal charters
  • Provide true seamless transition between secure vehicles with private planes, helicopters or yachts.

Consulting and Project Management

  • Numerous 15 to 60-minute Shelter in Place (SIP) rooms with in-swing, out-swing and 4-8-foot wide FE/BR hidden pocket doors and air filtration for high net worth families
  • Plan, design and manage the build out of numerous $1.M+ residential estate wide security systems and network build outs
  • Several special high-value storage vaults through the Chubb masterpiece collection
  • 60-minute rated walk in covert vaults
  • Several custom vault projects involving development of walls and door systems capable of 60 min FE/BR up to .50 caliber mitigating BR and explosive breaching materials
  • R&D leading to the production of a fully covert License Plate Reader (LPR) for counter surveillance near family member schools and places of work
  • R&D leading to the production of a fully covert 8-camera mobile PTZ surveillance platform that records and streams video over wireless internet for covert surveillance