Intelligence Services

We offer a series of intelligence products as well as security awareness courses to suit your individual and corporate goals.  


The correct intelligence can provide insight and information about the reality of traveling and living abroad.  By providing threat and logistical information prior to traveling abroad, clients and their employees can concentrate on the work at hand, or enjoy themselves.

We offer the following products to assist out clients:

Monthly Open Source Digests (MOSD)

A dedicated analyst searches the Internet blogs, social media postings and other sources to gather information of a particular subject or individual. Reports can be customized, but are usually crafted for a high level executive and contain the following sections: Direct threats, threats to family and children, collateral threats, quotes, what others are saying, relevant articles, and sightings.

Additional detailed analysis is conducted to indicate the number of times an item is posted, the classification and if the item is positive, neutral or negative in nature.

Country Threat Reports

These reports are customized to each trip itinerary and provide accurate information to assist corporations that are sending its employees abroad. Each report covers terrorism, crime, road safety, health and well being issues, local and military police, areas to avoid, medical facilities, and emergency contact numbers. For an additional fee, Patriot can devote an affiliate in the region to remain on-call in case of emergencies.

A Patriot analyst will utilize a host of information sources, spanning from in- house tools to firsthand accounts from local contacts. Included in this approach is Patriot’s collaboration with several social media and threat monitoring services providing social media data from 100+ countries and 50 languages. Patriot analysts manage and analyze client specific verbatim from more than 250,000 sources. Real-time informational alerts and trend analysis are also offered.

Social Media Monitoring

Based on the client’s threat requirements, persons of interest, business sector and region.

Specific deliverables include:

  • Access to secure customized dashboard(s) capable of providing source links and detailed graphs to highlight online sentiment and trends
  • Keywords and search terms can be added or removed as needed
  • Analysts will provide real-time alerting and analysis on threats or terms of interest

Additional Services

  • Personal security and travel awareness for commonly targeted travellers and families
  • Counter-Intelligence and Technical Security Awareness based on the latest methods and threats and their respective countermeasures