Investigative Services

Patriot's is proud to have a proven history of providing global investigative support to corporate and family offices.


We can assist be providing some of the following services:

Threat Response

Patriot can quickly provide investigative support to help respond to threats and suspicious activity targeting our clients.  We can leverage open source, proprietary, social media and investigative methods to provide immediate results.  Patriot has numerous ways to mine and populate valuable data for POI programs that can provide a covert way to increase an organizations security posture. Security programs can benefit from identifying the presence of known POI’s at certain locations or discovering new ways through various correlation methods. 


When problems arise, resolving them quickly and efficiently requires not only knowledge that enables insight into the dynamics of the specific dispute, but also broader knowledge of the local and national dynamics whether political, cultural or regulatory. Patriot's investigative staff are skilled and experienced retired investigators from federal, state and local law enforcement and government agencies.

Our Investigations Services Include overseas due diligence, litigation support and new hire interviews. Competent and comprehensive investigators can protect a firm's reputation and assets when investing domestic or abroad.We offer customized investigative and due diligence solutions based on specific client requirements. With a network of investigative assets available around the globe, Patriot has the expertise and worldwide reach to fulfill assignments for its clients of virtually any type.


  • Interviewing individuals in-depth, cross checking accounts, and gathering evidence to establish or attack credibility both in depositions and in a court of law. 
  • Finding concealed histories or undisclosed ties that bear on an essential witness
  • Gathering evidence that establishes a jurisdictional nexus
  • Surveying a market for infringing or competing products
  • Conducting overseas investigations requiring regional knowledge
  • Manage electronic discovery and forensic computer analysis
  • For each engagement, we seek to understand your individual requirements and design a fully responsive diligence solution. Employing just the right resources, Patriot seeks to provide you with the specific information you need, in a format that's easy to understand and to use to your advantage.