Protective Services

Patriot Group has conducted successful Executive Protection operations in Europe, Latin America, China, Southeast Asia and Africa.


Our personnel have served with Federal, State, Intelligence and local law enforcement agencies. Patriot's protection teams have experience supporting well known celebrities, CEO's, visiting foreign businessmen, family offices, Forbes 100 individuals and their families members. Several team members have extensive emergency tactical medical experience and all members have first responder training.  

We can offer the following services:


An EDA is a security specialist who also provides ‘white glove’ driving services to our clients. Utilizing a protection specialist guarantees a high level of reliable service with local law enforcement and vehicle movement knowledge within cities around the US, Asia, Europe and South America. Our company has a network of trusted and vetted service providers throughout the world with native language capability as well as local area knowledge

  • Flat 12 hour day rates reduce costs while providing cost effective services
  • Vehicles equipped with AED, trauma pack and GPS tracking


An EPS is a highly trained and skilled Patriot Agent that can assist executives while they are traveling. EPS’s are used to compliment a driving agent and leave the vehicle with the client to perform protective services. Our EPS cadre averages 15-20+ years of law enforcement/government experience and provides discreet services within their geographical areas. Our Executive Protection teams have experience supporting well known celebrities, CEO’s, visiting foreign businessmen, Forbes 5 individuals and their families. Our company has conducted many successful Executive Protection operations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, South East Asia and Africa. 


Are always designed to satisfy specific needs and objectives. Once an advance is completed, clients receive a concise and detailed report providing them necessary information to best allocate their assets to mitigate threats, vulnerabilities and other conditions that negatively affect their client. Advance agents usually check vehicles and equipment, survey routes, advance shelter-in-place locations, check-in and assess hotel rooms, perform surveys and locate and evaluate nearby hospitals and medical staff. 


Patriot has numerous ways to mine and populate valuable data for POI programs that can provide a covert way to increase an organizations security posture. Security programs can benefit from identifying the presence of known POI’s at certain locations or discovering new ways through various correlation methods. (POI) threat programs are an integral part of our high profile client protection packages.